Social Hotcakes - Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard -
Social Hotcakes - Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard -
Social Hotcakes - Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard -

Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard

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  • Say goodbye to passive aggressive notes from housemates
  • Ensure your beans aren't the jumping kind
  • Keep your meal in its place 
  • The only sticky mess in your life should be the kind on your sheets


It's a common situation: you microwave your mac & cheese after a long day's work, hear (and ignore) that worrying splattering spitting noise and then open the microwave door to discover a sticky cheesy mess strewn across the top and sides of the appliance. 

Are you gunna clean it up? Probably not, but you will have to endure passive aggressive post-it notes from disgruntled housemates about the state of the microwave. 

Luckily, this conundrum can be a thing of the past with PREUP's Magnetic Microwave Splatter Guard that will ensure your cheesy mess stays in it's box. Simply cover your meal with the Microwave Splatter Guard before you pop it in the microwave and voila! Mess free meals. 

Sticky stains should be reserved for sheets only. 

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