Social Hotcakes - Toilet Light -
Social Hotcakes - Toilet Light -
Social Hotcakes - Toilet Light -
Social Hotcakes - Toilet Light -
Social Hotcakes - Toilet Light -
Social Hotcakes - Toilet Light -

Toilet Light

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  • Sick of being blinded by the bathroom light?
  • Need help with your aim?
  • Fed up of your other half telling you to get it in the bowl?
  • This futuristic toilet light is the answer to all your late-night bathroom woes


Going to the toilet in the middle of the night is an unenviable and difficult task. 

You contemplate holding it in and waiting for the morning, but no, you realise you're close to bursting (why did you have that glass of water before bed?)

Not only is it a painful, it's extremely dangerous - the bathroom light could easily make you blind.

What you need is this motion activated toilet light to illuminate your bathroom with a funky night light to make the whole thing less perilous.

Not only is there 9 colour options, it's also light sensitive (think about the environment) and water resistant (think about the spillage).

This toilet light sensor will make falling over and stubbing your toe a thing of the past. Also guaranteed to make going for a number one or two infinitely more fun.

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We’re in London, in the United Kingdom.

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Yes! We ship everywhere in the world. Just be sure to check that the items you’re ordering will clear customs in your country.

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