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Wine Glass Bottle Stopper

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  • Never be far from a top up
  • This Wine Glass Bottle Stopper will free up your hands for snacks
  • Combine your wine and glass collection into one aesthetically pleasing goblet
  • Stop pesky drink thieves from tucking into your stash


Gone are the days when you had to hold your wine bottle in one hand and your glass in the other. 

VEMORE's Wine Glass Bottle Stopper cleverly lets you balance your tipple on your wine bottle, thus freeing up a hand to delve into crisps, dominate the remote, or hold another wine glass (why not). 

Plus, if you happen to have left half a bottle unfinished in the fridge in a vague attempt to be self restrained, then this Wine Glass Bottle Stopper will make sure that your booze stays fresh. 

Not only is this Wine Glass Bottle Stopper practical, but it is also attractive, with the wine glass having a pleasingly full bottom that will allow you to guzzle as much wine as your heart desires. 

Forget trekking back and forth from the fridge in order to top up your glass; the Wine Glass Bottle Stopper will ensure that you never have to leave your sofa again. Tucking into a full bottle of wine has never looked so sophisticated. 

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