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Wireless Charger For iPhone

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  • There’s no easy way to manage all of the cables on your desk
  • You can look like you’re in ‘Star Trek’ or something
  • The future is here
  • Iron Man probably has one of these


You know when you get home from a night out, too drunk for comfort, slip into bed and then immediately pass out? You wake up in the morning and recoil in horror as your phone is on the bedside table, but you were too drunk and stupid to plug it in. Now you’re working on 3% until you can find your next charger. Nice one.

With the wireless charger, drunkenly placing your phone on the side is charging it. That’s the brilliance – IT’S DRUNK-PROOF!

And you won’t do the thing when your charger cable gets caught around your desk chair and you end up ruining your whole desk aesthetic when you slide back to talk to someone. Invaluable.

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